Wednesday, May 4, 2011


When I was pregnant and found out that I would be having a little boy, all I ever heard was "ohhhh your gonna have a mama's boy, he will be all yours!"


Now don't get me wrong, my little Maddox is a ray of sunshine, but a lovebug he is not. My child will walk into a dark room, turn around and shut the door behind him and go off exploring. He squirms if you try to kiss him for more than a second, and truly does not slow down all day. My heart aches for some quiet snuggle time with my little boy but he has other plans in mind. And that is ok.

Because he is intelligent, hysterical, active, fiercely independent, and brave. And when he does give me sugar, its that much sweeter.

XOXO Maddox, Love Mom

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  1. He is so darn cute and is growing so fast! Love that shirt!